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Top 20 Brazilian Baby Boy Names with Meaning (2024)


Brazilian names are often inspired by the country’s diverse cultural heritage, including Portuguese, African, and indigenous influences.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a joyful yet challenging task. In Brazil, names often carry deep cultural or familial significance, and understanding their meanings can add layers of richness to your decision.

Top 20 Brazilian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

1.Lucas“light” or “illumination,” Lucas is a popular name in Brazil, reflecting hope and positivity.
2.GabrielDerived from the archangel Gabriel, this name symbolizes strength and guidance.
3.MateusA variant of Matthew, meaning “gift of God,” reflecting blessings and gratitude.
4.Pedro“rock” or “stone,” Pedro represents stability and strength of character.
5.RafaelAssociated with healing and protection, Rafael signifies hope and divine intervention.
6.Daniel“God is my judge,” Daniel represents faith and trust in divine justice.
7.EnzoA stylish and modern name, Enzo has Italian origins and is popular in Brazil.
8.Gustavo“staff of the Goths,” Gustavo signifies strength and resilience.
9.JoãoThe Portuguese version of John, João is a classic name symbolizing grace and favor.
10.MatheusA variant of Mateus, Matheus shares the same meaning of “gift of God.”
11.MiguelDerived from the Hebrew name Michael, Miguel means “who is like God,” symbolizing strength and protection.
12.Bruno“brown” or “dark,” Bruno represents stability and earthiness.
13.ViníciusA name of Latin origin, Vinícius signifies vitality and energy.
14.FelipeDerived from the Greek name Philippos, Felipe means “lover of horses,” symbolizing loyalty and strength.
15.CauãAn indigenous Brazilian name, Cauã means “hawk,” symbolizing vision and clarity.
16.ThiagoThe Portuguese form of James, Thiago represents humility and integrity.
17.Eduardo“wealthy guardian,” Eduardo symbolizes protection and prosperity.
18.AntônioA classic name with Latin origins, Antônio symbolizes strength and endurance.
19.BenjaminA name of Hebrew origin, Benjamin means “son of the right hand,” symbolizing favored status.
20.Leonardo“brave lion,” Leonardo represents courage and strength.


Choosing a name for your baby boy is a deeply personal decision that reflects your cultural heritage, beliefs, and aspirations for your child. Brazilian names are rich in meaning and history, offering a wealth of options for parents seeking a name that is both meaningful and unique.

Are Brazilian names for boys unique?

Yes, Brazilian names often blend traditional Portuguese, African, and indigenous influences, making them unique and meaningful.

Do Brazilian names have religious significance?

Many Brazilian names have religious significance, often inspired by saints or biblical figures.

Can I find modern and traditional Brazilian names for boys?

Yes, Brazilian names range from classic and traditional to modern and trendy, offering a wide variety of options.

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