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Mrigasira Nakshatra Names For Boy With Meanings


Hello Friends! Through this article, we have made a list of Mrigasira Nakshatra Names For Boy. If you are searching for a name for your newborn according to Mrigashira Nakshatra, then this list can complete your search.

VaibhavProsperity, lucky, intelligenceMrigasira
VedantProficient in Hindu philosophy, Vedas, scripturesMrigasira
VedFour philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism, sacred knowledgeMrigasira
Ved PrakashLight of Vedic knowledgeMrigasira
VedanshPart of VedaMrigasira
Vedarthessence of the vedasMrigasira
VedeshGod of the VedasMrigasira
VenuFlute, name of Lord KrishnaMrigasira
KamleshGod of Lotus, Lord VishnuMrigasira
KapilA sage, another name of Lord VishnuMrigasira
KripalGenerous, kindMrigasira
KrishAbbreviations of Krishna GodMrigasira
Kamala flower, a plant growing in a pondMrigasira
KrishnaLord Krishna, a river, charioteer of ArjunaMrigasira
KartikA month in the Hindu calendar, Lord MuruganMrigasira
KishanLord KrishnaMrigasira
Kiyanshfull of good qualitiesMrigasira
KishorYoung, Lord krishnaMrigasira
KalpeshGod of perfectionMrigasira
KanhaiyaLord KrishnaMrigasira
Kanishkan ancient king, small, goldMrigasira
KasyapA famous sage nameMrigasira
KripashankarGood lord shiva, good luckMrigasira

We hope that you have liked the names of boys according to Mrigasira Nakshatra given in this list and you have chosen a name for your newborn.

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