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1000 Names of Lord Hanuman! Shri Hanuman Sahastranamavali


Sankatmochan Shri Hanuman was the son of King Banarraj Kesari and Mata Anjani. Shri Hanuman ji is also called Pawan Putra. Hanuman Ji was an incarnation of Shiva and a great devotee of Lord Shri Ram.

In this post we have told about 1000 names of Lord Hanuman, by chanting these names of Lord Shri Hanuman, all the troubles of the devotees are removed and all the wishes are fulfilled.

1Om Hanumate Namah।
2Om Shripradaya Namah।
3Om Vayuputraya Namah।
4Om Rudraya Namah।
5Om Anaghaya Namah।
6Om Ajaraya Namah।
7Om Amrityave Namah।
8Om Viraviraya Namah।
9Om Gramavasaya Namah।
10Om Janashrayaya Namah।
11Om Dhanadaya Namah।
12Om Nirgunaya Namah।
13Om Akayaya Namah।
14Om Viraya Namah।
15Om Nidhipataye Namah।
16Om Munaye Namah।
17Om Pingalakshaya Namah।
18Om Varadaya Namah।
19Om Vagmine Namah।
20Om Sitashokavinashanaya Namah।
21Om Shivaya Namah।
22Om Sarvasmai Namah।
23Om Parasmai Namah।
24Om Avyaktaya Namah।
25Om Vyaktavyaktaya Namah।
26Om Rasadharaya Namah।
27Om Pingakeshaya Namah।
28Om Pingaromne Namah।
29Om Shrutigamyaya Namah।
30Om Sanatanaya Namah।
31Om Anadaye Namah।
32Om Bhagawate Namah।
33Om Devaya Namah।
34Om Vishvahetave Namah।
35Om Niramayaya Namah।
36Om Arogyakartre Namah।
37Om Vishveshaya Namah।
38Om Vishvanathaya Namah।
39Om Harishwaraya Namah।
40Om Bhargaya Namah।
41Om Ramaya Namah।
42Om Ramabhaktaya Namah।
43Om Kalyanaprakritaye Namah।
44Om Sthiraya Namah।
45Om Vishvambharaya Namah।
46Om Vishvamurtaye Namah।
47Om Vishvakaraya Namah।
48Om Vishvapaya Namah।
49Om Vishvatmane Namah।
50Om Vishvasevyaya Namah।
1000 Names of Lord Hanuman
51Om Vishvasmai Namah।
52Om Vishvaharaya Namah।
53Om Ravaye Namah।
54Om Vishvacheshtaya Namah।
55Om Vishvagamyaya Namah।
56Om Vishvadhyeyaya Namah।
57Om Kaladharaya Namah।
58Om Plavangamaya Namah।
59Om Kapishreshthaya Namah।
60Om Jyeshthaya Namah।
61Om Vaidyaya Namah।
62Om Vanecharaya Namah।
63Om Balaya Namah।
64Om Vriddhaya Namah।
65Om Yune Namah।
66Om Tattvaya Namah।
67Om Tattvagamyaya Namah।
68Om Sakhye Namah।
69Om Ajaya Namah।
70Om Anjanasunave Namah।
71Om Avyagraya Namah।
72Om Gramakhyataya Namah।
73Om Dharadharaya Namah।
74Om Bhurlokaya Namah।
75Om Bhuvarlokaya Namah।
76Om Swarlokaya Namah।
77Om Maharlokaya Namah।
78Om Janalokaya Namah।
79Om Tapolokaya Namah।
80Om Avyayaya Namah।
81Om Satyaya Namah।
82Om Omkaragamyaya Namah।
83Om Pranavaya Namah।
84Om Vyapakaya Namah।
85Om Amalaya Namah।
86Om Shivadharmapratishthatre Namah।
87Om Rameshtaya Namah।
88Om Phalgunapriyaya Namah।
89Om Goshpadikritavarishaya Namah।
90Om Purnakamaya Namah।
91Om Dharapataye Namah।
92Om Rakshoghnaya Namah।
93Om Pundarikakshaya Namah।
94Om Sharanagatavatsalaya Namah।
95Om Janakipranadatre Namah।
96Om Rakshahpranapaharakaya Namah।
97Om Purnaya Namah।
98Om Satyaya Namah।
99Om Pitavasase Namah।
100Om Diwakarasamaprabhaya Namah।

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