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1000 Names of Lord Ganesha ! Shri Ganapati Sahastranamavali


Lord Ganesha is considered to be the first worshiped deity. Lord Ganesha was blessed by Lord Shiva that whenever worship or rituals take place, he will be remembered first, that is why in any auspicious work, Lord Ganesha is remembered first.

1000 Names of Lord Ganesha

In this article, we have told about 1000 names of Lord Ganesha, by chanting these names of Lord Shri Ganesh, the obstacles remove all the troubles of the devotees and fulfill all the wishes.

1Om Ganeshwaraya Namah।
2Om Ganakridaya Namah।
3Om Gananathaya Namah।
4Om Ganadhipaya Namah।
5Om Ekadanshtraya Namah।
6Om vakratundaya Namah।
7Om Gajavaktraya Namah।
8Om Mahodaraya Namah।
9Om Lambodaraya Namah।
10Om Dhumravarnaya Namah।
11Om Vikataya Namah।
12Om Vighnanayakaya Namah।
13Om Sumukhaya Namah।
14Om Durmukhaya Namah।
15Om Buddhaya Namah।
16Om Vighnarajaya Namah।
17Om Gajananaya Namah।
18Om Bhimaya Namah।
19Om Pramodaya Namah।
20Om Amodaya Namah।
21Om Suranandaya Namah।
22Om Madotkataya Namah।
23Om Herambaya Namah।
24Om Shambaraya Namah।
25Om Shambhave Namah।
26Om Lambakarnaya Namah।
27Om Mahabalaya Namah।
28Om Nandanaya Namah।
29Om Alampataya Namah।
30Om Abhirave Namah।
31Om Meghanadaya Namah।
32Om Gananjayaya Namah।
33Om Vinayakaya Namah।
34Om Virupakshaya Namah।
35Om Dhirashuraya Namah।
36Om Varapradaya Namah।
37Om Mahaganapataye Namah।
38Om Buddhipriyaya Namah।
39Om Kshipraprasadanaya Namah।
40Om Rudrapriyaya Namah।
41Om Ganadhyakshaya Namah।
42Om Umaputraya Namah।
43Om Aghanashanaya Namah।
44Om Kumaragurave Namah।
45Om Ishanaputraya Namah।
46Om Mushakavahanaya Namah।
47Om Siddhipriyaya Namah।
48Om Siddhipataye Namah।
49Om Siddhaye Namah।
50Om Siddhivinayakaya Namah।
1000 Names of Lord Ganesha
51Om Avighnaya Namah।
52Om Tumburave Namah।
53Om Sinhavahanaya Namah।
54Om Mohinipriyaya Namah।
55Om Katankataya Namah।
56Om Rajaputraya Namah।
57Om Shalakaya Namah।
58Om Sammitaya Namah।
59Om Amitaya Namah।
60Om Kushmanda Samasambhutaye Namah।
61Om Durjayaya Namah।
62Om Dhurjayaya Namah।
63Om Jayaya Namah।
64Om Bhupataye Namah।
65Om Bhuvanapataye Namah।
66Om Bhutanam Pataye Namah।
67Om Avyayaya Namah।
68Om Vishvakartre Namah।
69Om Vishvamukhaya Namah।
70Om Vishvarupaya Namah।
71Om Nidhaye Namah।
72Om Ghrinaye Namah।
73Om Kavaye Namah।
74Om Kavinamrishabhaya Namah।
75Om Brahmanyaya Namah।
76Om Brahmanaspataye Namah।
77Om Jyeshtharajaya Namah।
78Om Nidhipataye Namah।
79Om Nidhipriyapatipriyaya Namah।
80Om HiranmayapurantahSthaya Namah।
81Om Suryamandalamadhyagaya Namah।
82Om Karahatividhvastasindhusalilaya Namah।
83Om Pushadantabhide Namah।
84Om Umankakelikutukine Namah।
85Om Muktidaya Namah।
86Om Kulapalanaya Namah।
87Om Kiritine Namah।
88Om Kundaline Namah।
89Om Harine Namah।
90Om vanamaline Namah।
91Om Manomayaya Namah।
92Om vaimukhyahatadaityashriye Namah।
93Om padahatijitakshitaye Namah।
94Om Sadyojataswarnamunjamekhaline Namah।
95Om Durnimittahrite Namah।
96Om DuhSwapnahrite Namah।
97Om Prasahanaya Namah।
98Om Gunine Namah।
99Om Nadapratishthitaya Namah।
100Om Surupaya Namah।
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