1008 Names of Lord Shiva
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1008 Names of Lord Shiva! Shiv Sahasranamavali


Lord Shiva is one of the most important deities in Aranya culture which later on in Sanatan culture. He is one of the trinity gods. He is also called the devon ke dev, Mahadev. He is also known by many names like Mahadev, Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, Neelkanth, Gangadhar, etc.

So today, through this post, we will tell you 1008 names of Lord Shiva (Sahasranama), whose chanting removes many troubles.

1Om Sthiraya Namah।
2Om Sthanave Namah।
3Om Prabhave Namah।
4Om Bhimaya Namah।
5Om Pravaraya Namah।
6Om Varadaya Namah।
7Om Varaya Namah।
8Om Sarvatmane Namah।
9Om Sarvavikhyataya Namah।
10Om Sarvasmai Namah।
11Om Sarvakaraya Namah।
12Om Bhavaya Namah।
13Om Jatine Namah।
14Om Charmine Namah।
15Om Shikhandine Namah।
16Om Sarvangaya Namah।
17Om Sarvabhavanaya Namah।
18Om Haraya Namah।
19Om Harinakshaya Namah।
20Om Sarvabhutaharaya Namah।

1000 Names of Lord Vishnu

21Om Prabhave Namah।
22Om Pravrittaye Namah।
23Om Nivrittaye Namah।
24Om Niyataya Namah।
25Om Shashvataya Namah।
26Om Dhruvaya Namah।
27Om Shmashanavasine Namah।
28Om Bhagawate Namah।
29Om Khacharaya Namah।
30Om Gocharaya Namah।
31Om Ardanaya Namah।
32Om Abhivadyaya Namah।
33Om Mahakarmane Namah।
34Om Tapaswine Namah।
35Om Bhutabhavanaya Namah।
36Om Unmattaveshaprachchhannaya Namah।
37Om Sarvalokaprajapataye Namah।
38Om Maharupaya Namah।
39Om Mahakayaya Namah।
40Om Vrisharupaya Namah।
41Om Mahayashase Namah।
42Om Mahatmane Namah।
43Om Sarvabhutatmane Namah।
44Om Vishvarupaya Namah।
45Om Mahahanave Namah।
46Om Lokapalaya Namah।
47Om Antarhitatmane Namah।
48Om Prasadaya Namah।
49Om Hayagardabhaye Namah।
50Om Pavitraya Namah।
51Om Mahate Namah।
52Om Niyamaya Namah।
53Om Niyamashritaya Namah।
54Om Sarvakarmane Namah।
55Om Swayambhutaya Namah।
56Om Adaye Namah।
57Om Adikaraya Namah।
58Om Nidhaye Namah।
59Om Sahasrakshaya Namah।
60Om Vishalakshaya Namah।
61Om Somaya Namah।
62Om Nakshatrasadhakaya Namah।
63Om Chandraya Namah।
64Om Suryaya Namah।
65Om Shanaye Namah।
66Om Ketave Namah।
67Om Grahaya Namah।
68Om Grahapataye Namah।
69Om Varaya Namah।
70Om Atraye Namah।
71Om Atrya Namaskartre Namah।
72Om Mrigabanarpanaya Namah।
73Om Anaghaya Namah।
74Om Mahatapase Namah।
75Om Ghoratapase Namah।
76Om Adinaya Namah।
77Om Dinasadhakaya Namah।
78Om Samvatsarakaraya Namah।
79Om Mantraya Namah।
80Om Pramanaya Namah।
91Om Dashabahave Namah।
92Om Animishaya Namah।
93Om Nilakanthaya Namah।
94Om Umapataye Namah।
95Om Vishvarupaya Namah।
96Om Swayamshreshthaya Namah।
97Om Balaviraya Namah।
98Om Abaloganaya Namah।
99Om Ganakartre Namah।
100Om Ganapataye Namah।
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