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130+ Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Vishnu


In this post, we will share with you baby boy names inspired by Lord Vishnu. Let’s have a look at the different names of Lord Vishnu.

50 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Vishnu
NamesMeaning of names
1ArvindOne who has lotus-like eyes
2AksharEverlasting, one who cannot be destroyed
3AadhavanAs brilliant as the sun
4AbhijitGreat, sensible, total victory
5AchintyaInconceivable, surpassing thought
6AchyutSolid, immovable
7AdidevSupreme God, name of Lords Brahma, Vishnu
8AdirajKing of kings
9AdvaitOne who is most powerful
10AjiteshLord Vishnu

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11AkshajA diamond, A thunderbolt, A name of Lord Vishnu
12AmbrishA name for Lord Ganesh or Lord Vishnu
13AmeyatmanOne possessing great powers of the mind 
14AmoghaOne who performs everything with a purpose
15AnantEndless, Infinite
16AnishSupreme, Punctual
18AvyayWithout destruction
19AadeepLight of lord Vishnu
20BadriLord Vishnu
21BalasudanLord Vishnu
22BalidhvasinA name for Lord Vishnu
24BhaveshOne who rules the world
25BhagvantThe supreme God
26BhuvaneshLord of the Universe
27BhuvneshwarLord of the Universe
28BrajishnuA name for Lord Vishnu
29ChakradharLord Vishnu, One who carries chakra
30ChakrapaniName of Lord Vishnu, Chakra holder
31ChakrabharatA name for Lord Vishnu
32ChaktrahastaA name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva
33ChiranjeeviLong life
34DeveshThe chief of the gods, a king
35DhruvA star, fixed, infinite
36GovindrajLord Vishnu
37GovindMaster of the mountains
38HaribhadraAuspicious and admirable as Vishnu
39Hari NarayanLord Vishnu
40HariharA name of Lord Vishnu
41HariThe Sun,  Another name for Lord Vishnu
42HaritGreen and lush, a fragrant plant
43HemangHaving a golden and shimmery body
44HrishikeshLord Vishnu, The Lord of the senses, A holy city of India
45IreshAnother name for Ganesh Ji and Vishnu Ji
46IndranujaThe younger brother of Lord Indra
47IndravarajaA name for Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu
48IndriyatmanA name for Lord Vishnu
49JayantAlways the victorious one
50JisnuTriumphant, victorious, the sun
51JagdishGod of the world
52JaganathLord of the world
53JaganivasaA name for Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu
54JagatsrastaA name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva
55JayavardhanOne who cannot be destroyed
56JanardanLord Vishnu, One who helps people
57KanilPower, Indestructible Lord Vishnu like
58KaushtubhA jewel of Lord Vishnu, The most valuable stone
59KumudAnother name of Vishnu, lotus, earth
60LakshmikantHusband of Lakshmi
61LokeshKing of the world
62LoksakshinGoddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.
63Madhavsweet like honey
64MadhudvishA name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna
65MadhunihanThe one who killed the demon Madhu
66MadhusudanA name associated with Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
67Mokshithone who has attained moksha
68ManoharWinning heart, charming
69MaheshwarThe one who liberates
70MukundLord Vishnu, Ratna
71NarayanLord Vishnu, Refuge of Man
72NarottamThe best among men, another name of Vishnu, Buddha
73NarsimhaLion in men, extremely powerful
74NavavyuhAt the moment
75NimishMomentary, ocean
76NiranjanSon of the earth, Brave
77ParthivRoyal, king, warrior
78PareshSupreme spirit
79PranshuLord of all creatures, King
80PrabhavThe Lord of all creatures
81PrajapatiLord of all creatures, King
82PunarvasuA name for Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu
83PunyashlokHoly verse
84PurushottamThe best among men
85PushkarBlue lotus, sky,
86RamanathA name for Lord Vishnu
87RanantkritA name for Lord Vishnu
88RathangaOne who is full of knowledge
89RishikLord Shiva, An ascetic, A sage
90Ravilochanone who has eyes as bright as the sun
91SahashrajitOne who defeats everyone
92SahasrapadA name for Lord Vishnu
93SamavartA name for Lord Vishnu
94SanandaOne who controls everyone
95SarveshLord of All
96SatyashreyA name for Lord Vishnu
97ShridharA name for Lord Vishnu
98SriniketanOne who resides with Lord Shiva
99SrinivasThe lover of Goddess Lakshmi
100SrivatsaAnother name for Lord Vishnu
101SudarshanKing of all the three worlds
102TrilokeshLord of the three worlds
103TarkshlakshanA name for Lord Vishnu
104Tridhamanthe holy trinity
105TrisatyaA name for Lord Vishnu
106TrivikramA name for Lord Vishnu
107TushitA name for Lord Vishnu
108UpendraHe who has a lot of energy
109UrjitHe who has a lot of energy
110UrjaspatiHe who has a lot of energy
111UrukramSomeone who is very affectionate
112VatsalAffectionate, Gentle, An affectionate person
113VairochanA name for Lord Vishnu
114VaishnavFollower of Lord Vishnu
115VardhamanLord Mahavira
116VedatmanSpirit of the Vedas
117VedeshLord of Vedas
118VidhartHaving great knowledge;
119VineetSplendor, courageous
121VidhuMoon, the wind
122ViksharOne who bestows prosperity
123VitthalLord Vishnu, Fortune giver
124VishnubhA name for Lord Vishnu
125VishvargA name for Lord Vishnu
126VishvarsriA name associated with Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva
127VisveshwarLord of the universe
128VrishantakA name for Lord Vishnu
129YagyeshLord Vishnu, sun
130YagynatmanA name for Lord Vishnu
131YajneshA name for Lord Vishnu
132YogadatraA name for Lord Vishnu
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