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Choosing the Perfect Anuradha Nakshatra Names for Baby Girl


Hello Friends ! If you are searching for a name according to Anuradha Nakshatra for your newborn daughter, then in this article we have made a list of girls’ names according to Anuradha Nakshatra. This list can complete your search. Before seeing the list, let us know briefly about Anuradha Nakshatra.

People born under the influence of Anuradha Nakshatra have an interesting personality trait. Endowed with sharp, honed mental acumen, along with logic, they are able to easily assess a situation for its true reality. Seeing through the artificiality of a given situation is a major aspect of the personality traits of such natives.

Despite their openness and sociability, they are extremely guarded about their privacy, revealing only a select portion of their personal lives. They are predominantly strong-bodied with amiable physical characteristics.

Anuradha Nakshatra Names for Baby Girl

NyasaType of power, lakeAnuradha
NehaRain, love, dew dropAnuradha
NitiMoral, motivated, tactAnuradha
NeelamBlue stone, sapphire, precious gemAnuradha
NainaEyes, beautiful eyes, name of a goddessAnuradha
NishaNight, dreamAnuradha
Nalinilotus, lake or pond in which there are abundance of lotusesAnuradha
NandiniDurga, daughter, a sacred cowAnuradha
NabhaWithout limit, skyAnuradha
NayanaA goddess, beautiful eyes, meek, bowingAnuradha
NarmadaGandharva woman, a river originating from AmarkantakAnuradha
NanditaHappiness, pleasingAnuradha
Nandikahappy woman, Goddess LakshmiAnuradha
NamrataSense of humility, good behaviorAnuradha
NameeraHoly woman, clean waterAnuradha
NalikaLotus flower, spear, a fragrant plantAnuradha
NakshatraA star, pearlAnuradha
Nancya favorAnuradha
NimishaBlink of an eyeAnuradha
NagmaSong, melodious musicAnuradha
NilanjanaBlue, with blue eyes, lightningAnuradha
NeelajaBlue lotusAnuradha
NeelaBlue, ColourAnuradha
NirjalaWithout waterAnuradha
Natashaborn on Christmas, reborn, a flowerAnuradha
NirupaOrder, fast, commandAnuradha
NirupamaUnequaled, fearless, matchlessAnuradha
NirmitiThe creationAnuradha
NirmalaReligious, clean, virtuous, pureAnuradha
NiranjanaGoddess Durga, full moon night, a riverAnuradha
NeelanjanaOne with blue eyesAnuradha
NishitaThe peaceful timeAnuradha
NitaraOne who have the deep rootsAnuradha
NainikaPupil of the eyeAnuradha
NeeruThe shining of the lightAnuradha
NayraOne who is competent to leadAnuradha

We hope that you have liked the names of girls according to Anuradha Nakshatra given in this list and you have chosen a name for your newborn.

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