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125 Baby Girl Names Inspired By Goddess Lakshmi


Hello, friends welcome to our website. In this post, we have made a list of baby girl names inspired by Goddess Lakshmi. You can choose a name inspired by Goddess Lakshmi for your little sweetheart.

1AditriGoddess Lakshmi, the highest honor
2AditiFree and boundless, heaven and earth
3AarnaThe name of Goddess Lakshmi, River
4AmbujaBorn of a lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
5Adi LakshmiThe avatar in which Goddess Lakshmi is seen serving the lotus feet
6AmalaOne who is pure, spotless, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
7AmritaayaiA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
8AmritaPriceless, Nectar
9AakarshiniA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi, Attractive
10AksharaAlphabet, syllable, name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
baby girl names inspired by Goddess Lakshmi
11BhagvatiGoddess Lakshmi
12BhargaviA name for Goddess Parvati or Lakshmi, durva grass
13BhagyashreeLucky, Goddess Lakshmi
14ChakrikaOne with the divine discus
15ChanchalaAgile, active, constantly moving forward
16DeepaRadiant, Goddess Lakshmi, allegiance, a lamp
17DeeptaGoddess Lakshmi, to rise
18DhanyaHappy, blessed, lucky
19DhaneshwariGoddess of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
20DevashriName of Goddess Lakshmi

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21DivyasreeDivine, heavenly
22DhruthiCourage, Command, Pleasure, Determination
24HaripriyaAnother name for Lakshmi
25HansujaGoddess Lakshmi
26IndraGoddess Lakshmi
27JagritiAwareness, vigilance
28JaladhijaGoddess Lakshmi
29JeevikaWater, Source of life, Livelihood
30KalakarniA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
31KalyaniWonderful, beautiful
32KamakshiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes
33KamalaGoddess, flower, perfect
34KantaBeautiful, bright
35KarunaKindness, gentleness
36KantiLight, Brilliant, Radiant
37KhilaaName associated with Goddess Lakshmi
38KshirabdijaA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
39KuhooA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
40LakshmiGoddess of wealth

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41LaksmikaA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
42LaksmipushpFlower belonging to Goddess Lakshmi
43LaksmitvaA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi, Prosperous life
44LavanyasriGoddess Lakshmi
45LokamatriGoddess Lakshmi, Mother of the world
46MahalakshmiLakshmi the great
47MahasriGoddess Lakshmi
48MahavibhutiGoddess Lakshmi, Great Splendour
49MahavidyaSupreme knowledge
50ManushiGoddess Lakshmi, a woman
51MangalaThe most auspicious
52ManasviniGoddess Durga, Self-controlled, Wise, Sensible
53ManimalaA string of pearls
54MayaWealth, Goddess Lakshmi, Nature, Love, Compassion
55MaulasriA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
56NarayaniBelonging to Narayan, Goddess Lakshmi
57NandikaA happy woman, Goddess Lakshmi
58NetriBeautiful Eyes
59NityaAnother name for Durga Ji, continuously
60PadmamaliniGoddess Lakshmi, Wearing a garland of Lotuses
61PadmavatiResiding on a lotus
62PadmajaBorn from lotus
63PrabhaGlow, Shine
64PranshiGoddess Lakshmi, Of great stature
66Padminia collection of lotuses
67PadmakshiOne with lotus-like eyes
68PadmalayaThe one who resides on the lotus flower
69RaginiA raga, another name for Lakshmi Ji, is a form of classical music
70RamaSindoor, saubhagya, laxmi, wife
71RajashreeRaja in Hindu terminology means king and Shree means good fortune
72RambhaName of a heavenly nymph, pleasing, pleasant
73RiddhiProsperity, success, wealth, good luck
74RiddhimaGoddess Lakshmi, Pearl
75RukminiAdorned with the gold, Goddess Lakshmi, consort of Lord Shri Krishna
76SampadaWealth, success, prosperity, and abundance
78SatyabhamaThird wife to Lord Krishna she is also an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi
79SanviGoddess Lakshmi
80SanvithaPeace-loving, goddess Lakshmi
81SarvamangalaAll auspicious
82ShanviFull of light, tempting, goddess Lakshmi
83ShasvatiGuarantee, Eternal
84SurabhiBeautiful, delectable, fragrant
85ShubhaAuspicious, Shining
86SiddhalakshmiA name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
87SindhujaThe daughter of the ocean
88SriProsperity, radiance
89SrinidhiTreasure of prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi
90SrihastiniGoddess Lakshmi
91SrikayaOne who is devoted to God
92SrideviGoddess Lakshmi, Divine Goddess
93ShrinikaLotus flower
94ShreejaGlory and wealth
95ShreyaGoddess Lakshmi, prosperity, auspicious
96SriratnaA precious gem, a name associated with Goddess Lakshmi
97SudhaNectar, Pure, Welfare, Another name for the River Ganges
98SudikshaGoddess Lakshmi, Beautiful, offering
99Shubhrathe Ganga, an attractive, brilliant, heaven
100ShuchiPure, bright, and holy
101SureshwariPrincess, Precious Stone
102SuvarnadaOne who is golden, blessed with riches and fortune
104TaruniA young girl
105TejashreeBrilliance and glow
107TrishikaGoddess Lakshmi, Trident,
108TanushreeShapely, with a divine body
109TarunikaA house in the solar system, water
110UtpalakshiGoddess Lakshmi
112VahnisvariGoddess of fire, Another name for Laksmi
113VaidheekiOne who is in the form of the Vedas
114VardaGoddess Lakshmi, a boon
115VachiNectar like speech
116VasviThe divine night
117VaravarniniA beautiful lady
118VarunaviGoddess Lakshmi, born of water
119VasudhaEarth, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
120VedagarbhaA name of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati
121VishnupriyaOne who is the beloved of Lord Vishnu
122VibhutiSacred ash, glory
123VibhaRay of light, night, the moon, brilliance, beauty
124VijayalakshmiBlessing, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati
125Yashaswinigoddess of fame, fortune

How do you like these baby girl names inspired by Goddess Lakshmi? Hope you have chosen a name for your daughter. May Goddess Lakshmi shower her blessings on everyone.

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