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Enchanting Hindu Boy Names by Rohini Nakshatra


Discover mesmerizing Hindu boy names by Rohini Nakshatra, a celestial journey of elegance and tradition. Unearth unique names with cosmic charm.

Naming a child by their Nakshatra is a tradition deeply rooted in Hindu culture. It is believed that the cosmic energies of the Nakshatra at the time of a child’s birth leave a lasting imprint on their personality and destiny.

Rohini Nakshatra, with its nurturing and creative energies, bestows a unique charm upon those named under its influence.

Hindu Boy Names by Rohini Nakshatra

OmCreation of life, essenceRohini
OmkarSound of sacred wordsRohini
OmkareshwarLord Shiva, Lord of OmRohini
OmpatiLord of OmRohini
Om PrakashLight of Om, name of Lord ShivaRohini
Om SwaroopExpression of divinityRohini
OshinOcean, seaRohini
Onkar NathLord of Omkar, Lord ShivaRohini
OmeshwarGod of OmkarRohini
Om DuttGod givenRohini
OmanshSacred symbol of omRohini
OmeshLord of OmRohini
OmkaraThe sound of the sacred syllable, that which is the form of OmRohini
OmkrishLord KrishnaRohini
Rohini Nakshatra Names for Boy

VishnuProtector, The supreme godRohini
VipulLarge, extensiveRohini
VasudevSon of VasudevRohini
VeerWarrior, brave, courageousRohini
VimleshLord of purity, pureRohini
VisheshExtraordinary, limited, specialRohini
VivanshFirst ray of sun, happinessRohini
VijenderVictorious, god of braveryRohini
VishwanathLord of the UniverseRohini
VibhuAnother name for Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and BuddhaRohini
VishwajeetWorld conquerorRohini
VijyendraVictorious, god of braveryRohini
VeerpalBrave, protectorRohini
VihanDawn, early morningRohini
VyasA great sage, separationRohini
VyomSky, universeRohini
ViyanSpecialized knowledgeRohini
VishalMagnificent, amazingRohini
VikramBrave, valiantRohini
VimalSpotless, cleanRohini
VinayModest, follow the rulesRohini
Vikrantbrave warrior, gloriousRohini
VickyThe winnerRohini
VivekPower of thinking or knowledge, prideRohini
VirendraBrave, chief of heroesRohini
VinodAmusing, full of humorRohini
VineetTrained, having humilityRohini
VinayakLord Ganesha, hero of Ganas, most revered deityRohini
ViratExtremely large, hugeRohini
VirajIllustrious, Ruler, Greatest among Brahmins, King, TransplantRohini
VarunA deity who is considered the lord of water, ruler of the westRohini
Hindu Boy Names by Rohini Nakshatra 2023
VividhMany, unique, knowledgeable, variousRohini
VivanMorning ray of sun, lord krishnaRohini
VivekanandRejoice in knowledgeRohini
ViteshGod of wealthRohini
VishwasTrust, faithRohini
VishwaUniverse, earthRohini
VishwadeepSun, light spreader in the worldRohini
VanshGenealogy, future generationsRohini
VarunA deity who is considered the lord of water, ruler of the west.Rohini
VanshidharA name of Lord Krishna, flute bearerRohini
VidhanRules, laws, systemRohini
Videshforeign landRohini
VibhutiGreat man, to put on the foreheadRohini
VibhutGreat, strong, powerfulRohini
VimukhWho has fulfilled his dutiesRohini
VibhorHappy, joyful, absorbed in workRohini

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