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(2022) Most Trending Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter V


Hello, friends welcome to our website namespad. If you are looking for a suitable and modern name for your daughter with the letter V. This post can help you.

In this post, we have brought you 15 adorable and trending baby girl names starting with the letter V and their meanings. hope you like it

15 Most Trending Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter V (2022)

(1) Vanshika

Vanshika is a very popular name, this name was one of the very popular names in 2021-2022, which means “flute”.

(2) Vihangi

Vihangi is a very new and beautiful name, it is not so much in trend yet, so you can give this name to your daughter. which means “free bird

(3) Vrushali

You can also choose this cute name for your daughter, this name means “success, wife of Karna in Mahabharata“.

(4) Vini

A lot of parents often like to give a short name to their child. Vini is a very short and cute name, you can also give this name to your daughter as a Nickname. It means “part of the notes of music“.

(5) Varshika

You can also choose the name Varshika for your daughter. It is a cool name which also means “good time”.

(6) Varunika

goddess of rain

(7) Vishika

Vishika is a new name which is in trend these days, so you can give this name to your daughter which means “Lamp, Stars“.

(8) Viyoni

A cute and new name that you may or may not have heard little till now, but in the coming time this name will be very popular. The meaning of the name Viyoni is “very special“.

(9) Viksha

The meaning of the name Viksha is “sight, knowledge“. It is a very beautiful and very short name to call. You can choose this name for your daughter.

(10) Vinisha

This is a new and very beautiful name, this name was very popular in the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. As a 14-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu, Vinisha Umashankar was honored with several awards for her innovation of a solar panel-powered ironing cart. The meaning of the name Vinisha is “wisdom, love or humble“.

(11) Vamika

Cricketers Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma chose this name for their daughter, after which this name has been very popular. which means “an epithet of Goddess Durga“.

(12) Vrutika

Vrutika is a very unique and modern name that means “ideas, success in life” can choose this name for one’s daughter.

(13) Vihana

Parents searching for a modern, rare name might love this name. The meaning of the name Vihana is “early morning“.

(14) Vanisha

Vanisha is a very cute and new name, you will rarely hear this name now if you are looking for such a name, then you can choose this name for your beloved, its meaning is very beautiful “Pure, queen of the universe“.

(15) Vandita

You can choose this special name for your daughter. The meaning of the name Vandita is “Praise“.

How do you like the above names, please tell us by commenting? If you liked these names, then definitely press the heart button given at the end of the post so that we keep bringing more such posts. Thank you for reading the post, may you and your newborn child have a happy and bright life. best wishes from us

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