Boy Names Inspired By Lord Hanuman
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Hindu Boy Names Inspired By Lord Hanuman And Their Meanings


Lord Hanuman is considered to be the ultimate devotee of Lord Shri Rama. He assisted Lord Rama in fighting against evil forces, he is one of the most popular deities among Hindu gods. Considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance, and devotion.

Lord Hanuman is known by many names like Hanumant, Mahavir, Bajrangi etc. Apart from these, there are many other names for Lord Hanuman. Through this post, we have made a list of boy names inspired by Lord Hanuman.

1AdileshGod Hanuman
2AtulitOne who has no comparison
3Ajeshone who no one defeats
4AnilBreeze, purest, wind, god of wind
5AanilName of Lord Hanuman / Bheem
6AnjaneyaThe son of Anjana ( the name of his mother )
7AanjayaUnconquerable, Unbeatable
8AnjanLord Hanuman
9Abhyant Fearless
10Amirajsomeone who is immortal
11BajrangiA fighter that fights for the sake of good
12BajrangA fighter that fights for the sake of good
13BalwantMighty, lord hanuman, power
14ChaturbhujThe four-armed one
15Chiranjeevian eternal being. Lord Hanuman is considered to be immortal.
17DhyananjaneyaIn a meditative mood
18DheeraThe one with unflinching courage
19GyansagarOcean of knowledge
20GunsagarOcean of virtues
21HanumantA variant of the name Hanuman, the one with a prominent or disfigured jaw
22Harvinanother name for Lord Hanuman
23HanumanLord Hanuman, A Hindu god
24KapishLord Hanuman, Lord of monkeys
25Mahabirillustrious hero
26MarutiOne of the names of Hanuman
27PawanLord Hanuman, Air
28PawaneshLord Hanuman
29PrabhavLord Hanuman, Origin, Brilliance, Eminent
30RitamSacred action, beautiful
31ShritikLord Shiva and Lord Hanuman
32Shantayacalm and very composed
33SanjuLord Hanuman
34Shauryathe mighty and brave person
35TejasMost radiant
36Vritikgrowth, success in life
38VayuAir, Lord Hanuman
39VayunandLord Hanuman
40Yunayenergetic and a mighty person

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