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108 Names of Lord Kuber


According to Hindu mythology, Lord Kuber is the god of wealth. Kuber is considered the god of wealth, glory, happiness and prosperity. It is said that those who worship Kubera never lack money.

Lord Kubera also protects wealth on earth. Apart from being the god of wealth, he is also the god of the Yakshas.

1Om Kuberaya Namah।
2Om Dhanadaya Namah।
3Om Shrimate Namah।
4Om Yaksheshaya Namah।
5Om Guhyakeshvaraya Namah।
6Om Nidheeshaya Namah।
7Om Shankarasakhaya Namah।
8Om Mahalakshmi Nivasabhuvaye Namah।
9Om Mahapadma Nidhishaya Namah।
10Om Purnaya Namah।
11Om Padma Nidhishvaraya Namah।
12Om Shankhya Nidhinathaya Namah।
13Om Makarakhya Nidhipriyaya Namah।
14Om Sukhasampati Nidhishaya Namah।
15Om Mukunda Nidhinayakaya Namah।
16Om Kundakya Nidhinathaya Namah।
17Om Nila Nityadhipaya Namah।
18Om Poojyaya Namah।
19Om Koshadhishaya Namah।
20Om Lakshmisamrajya Dayakaya Namah।
21Om Mahate Namah।
22Om Ashvarudhaya Namah।
23Om Ilapila Pataye Namah।
24Om Varannityadhipaya Namah।
25Om Visheshagyanaya Namah।
26Om Vishvavandyaya Namah।
27Om Kulochitaya Namah।
28Om Vaishravanaya Namah।
29Om Gudhamantraya Namah।
30Om Nalakubara Nathaya Namah।
31Om Manigrivapitre Namah।
32Om Visharadaya Namah।
33Om Chitralekhamanah Priyaya Namah।
34Om Alakadheeshaya Namah।
35Om Ekapinakaya Namah।
36Om Rajyadaya Namah।
37Om Kailasa Shailanilayaya Namah।
38Om Ravanagrajaya Namah।
39Om Naravahanaya Namah।
40Om Paulastyaya Namah।
41Om Mahotsahaya Namah।
42Om Mahapragyaya Namah।
43Om Chitra Chaitra Rathaya Namah।
44Om Udyanaviharaya Namah।
45Om Viharasukuthuhalaya Namah।
46Om Sadapushpaka Vahanaya Namah।
47Om Somaya Namah।
48Om Anganathaya Namah।
49Om Sarvabhaumaya Namah।
50Om Sarvapunya Janeshvaraya Namah।
51Om Lanka Praktana Nayakaya Namah।
52Om Punyatmane Namah।
53Om Saumyadi Keshvaraya Namah।
54Om Puruhuta Shriyai Namah।
55Om Nidhivetre Namah।
56Om Nityakeertaye Namah।
57Om Parama Shantatmane Namah।
58Om Yaksharaje Namah।
59Om Yakshinee Vrutaya Namah।
60Om Yakshaya Namah।
61Om Khatkayudhaya Namah।
62Om Yakshini Hrudayaya Namah।
63Om Nathaya Namah।
64Om Kinnareshvaraya Namah।
65Om Kimpurushanathaya Namah।
66Om Dharma Margaisnirataya Namah।
67Om Vayuvaya Samasrayaya Namah।
68Om Ishanadaksha Parsvasthaya Namah।
69Om Vashine Namah।
70Om Nirupadravaya Namah।
71Om Nityanandaya Namah।
72Om Sukhashrayaya Namah।
73Om Nidhittarai Namah।
74Om Nirashaya Namah।
75Om Nityatruptaya Namah।
76Om Nirupadhika Vasabhuvaye Namah।
77Om Nityakamaya Namah।
78Om Nirakankshaya Namah।
79Om Shantaya Namah।
80Om Sadanandakripalayaya Namah।
81Om Sarvagunopetaya Namah।
82Om Sarvagyaya Namah।
83Om Sarvasammataya Namah।
54Om Sarvanikaruna Patraya Namah।
85Om Saugandhika Kusumapriyaya Namah।
86Om Svarnanagari Vasaya Namah।
87Om Gandharvakula Samsevyaya Namah।
88Om Mahameruttarasthayai Namah।
89Om Tushtaya Namah।
90Om Maharshigana Samstutaya Namah।
91Om Nidhipitha Samasthayai Namah।
92Om Shivapujarataya Namah।
93Om Shurpanaka Jyeshthaya Namah।
94Om Rajarajaya Namah।
95Om Anaghaya Namah।
96Om Rajasekhara Poojyaya Namah।
97Om Rajayoga Samayuktaya Namah।
98Om Ashtalakshmyashritalayaya Namah।
99Om Dhanadhayakshaya Namah।
100Om Manushya Dharmanyai Namah।
101Om Dharmasammukha Samsthitaya Namah।
102Om Nityeshvaraya Namah।
103Om Sakrutaya Namah।
104Om Dhanyalakshminivasa Bhuvaye Namah।
105Om Gajalakshmi Sthiralayaya Namah।
106Om Rajyalakshmi Janmagehaya Namah।
107Om Ashtalakshmi Sadavasaya Namah।
108Om Dhanalakshmi Nityavasaya Namah।
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