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Discover 30 Tamil Girl Baby Names: A Guide to Meaningful Choices


Choosing a name for your baby girl is an exciting journey that reflects your cultural heritage and personal preferences. Tamil girl baby names are known for their elegance, deep meanings, and historical importance.

This article aims to provide you with an extensive list of 30 Tamil girl baby names, along with their meanings.

30 Tamil Girl Baby Names
1.AnanyaUnique, matchless
2.AaradhanaWorship, adoration
3.AksharaImmutable, letter
4.AditiBoundless, mother of gods
5.Bhavyasplendid, glorious
6.CharuGraceful, charming
7.DeviGoddess, divine
8.DeepikaLamp, radiant, illumination
9.EshaDesire, divine, ruler
10GauriBrilliant, goddess Parvati
11.HariniDeer, kind-hearted
12.Hamsinigraceful, melodious
13.IshaGoddess, divine, powerful
14.IshwariGoddess, ruler, supreme
15.JananiMother, beloved
16.Jyotiflame, brightness
17.KavyaPoem, poetry
18.KalyaniFortunate, blessed
19.LavanyaGrace, elegance
20.MeeraDevotee of Lord Krishna, saintly
21.MayaIllusion, enchanting, magical
22.NithyaEternal, everlasting
23.NandiniDelightful, daughter, happiness
24.PriyaBeloved, loved one
25.PoojaWorship, reverence, prayer
26.RoshiniLight, brightness, illuminating
27.RiyaSinger, graceful
28.SahanaPatience, endurance, tolerant
29.SanyaDistinguished, radiant, brilliant
30.TrishaWish, desire, star

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many more beautiful Tamil girl baby names to explore. Remember to choose a name that resonates with you and has a positive meaning.

Tips for Choosing a Tamil Girl Baby Name

Understand the Meaning: Before finalizing a name, delve into its meaning and symbolism. Choose a name that resonates with your aspirations for your child.

Consider Cultural Significance: Tamil girl baby names often carry cultural and historical importance. Reflect on your Tamil heritage and select a name that embraces your cultural identity.

Sound and Pronunciation: Pay attention to the sound and pronunciation of the name. Ensure it rolls off the tongue easily and harmonizes well with your family name.

Personal Connection: Choose a name that holds personal significance or reflects a cherished memory, such as the name of a beloved family member or a place that is special to you.

Consult with Loved Ones: Involve your family members or close friends in the naming process. Their input and suggestions can provide valuable insights and help you make the final decision.


Selecting a Tamil girl baby name is a deeply personal and meaningful decision. These names reflect the rich heritage of Tamil culture and offer a multitude of options that carry profound meanings. Whether you prefer traditional names or seek a contemporary twist, exploring the world of Tamil girl baby names allows you to find a name that resonates with your values and aspirations for your child.

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