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Discover the Exquisite: Top 50 Marathi Baby Boy Names


Marathi baby names have a rich cultural significance and carry a deep meaning. Selecting the ideal name for your son is a significant choice that symbolizes your ideals and objectives.

Top 50 Marathi Baby Boy Names

To help you choose the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, we’ve gathered a list of the top 50 Marathi baby boy names in this article, along with explanations of each name’s meaning.

Top 50 Marathi Baby Boy Names

1.Aryannoble, honorable
2.Arjunbright, shining
3.Adityasun, radiant
4.Aaravpeaceful, calm
5.Aaditpeak, zenith

6.Aarushfirst ray of the sun, refreshing
7.Aniketunconquerable, invincible
8.Atharvknowledge, the first Veda
9.AyaanGod’s gift, ray of hope
10AdvaitUnique, one of a kind

11.Arnavocean, sea
12.BhaveshGod of emotions, lord Shiva
14.DarsheelWho looks fine
15.Dhruvsteadfast, firm

17.DivyeshGod of light
18.Dhairyasheelcourageous, brave
19.GaneshLord Ganesha
20.GajananLord Ganesha

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21.Harshvardhanone who increases joy, source of happiness
22.Harshadone who brings happiness, happy person
23.Jayantvictorious, triumphant

26.KartikeyaSon of Lord Shiva, god of war
28.Kunallotus, one with beautiful eyes
29.KrishnaLord Krishna, dark, black

31.MandarA Flower, Slow
33.Manishwise, intelligent
35.Madhursweet, melodious

36.NamdevMarathi saint Namdev, devotion to God
37.Pratapdignity, honor
38.ParijatIndian night jasmine, flower
39.PranavOm, sacred sound
40Rohanascending, growing

41.Rajendraking, emperor
42.Rudrafierce, mighty
43.Shridharone who holds wealth, possessor of Lakshmi
44.Siddharthone who has attained enlightenment
45.Vihaandawn, morning

46.Vishnupreserver and protector of the universe
47.Vikrambravery, valor
48.Vishalgrand, magnificent
50.Varunlord of the water, god of the sea

Remember, choosing a name for your baby boy is a personal decision, and it’s essential to consider the meaning and significance behind each name. May this expanded list of top 50 Marathi baby boy names help you find the perfect name that resonates with your family and brings happiness to your little one’s life.

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