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51 Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Sun


According to the Puranas, there are many references to the origin of the Sun God. Although there is a difference in the incidents described in these, many episodes are similar to each other. This is the most popular belief that Lord Sun is the son of Maharishi Kashyap. He was born from the womb of Aditi, wife of Maharishi Kashyap. Being the son of Aditi, he was named Aditya.

The great Vishnu avatars like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna have also worshiped Lord Sun in their time. He is always praised by sages and sages. Since he protects the entire universe with his radiance, he is also known as Surya Narayan.

In this post, we have come up with the 51 Hindu baby boy names inspired by Lord Sun. If you want to give your baby a name inspired by Lord Sun, then this post can help you.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Sun

1AdityaLord Sun
2AshwinInspired by Surya and Sanjana’s twin sons, it means – Horse Riding
3AbhudayaSunrise, altitude
4AnshuLord Sun
6AnshumanLord Sun
7AhamFirst ray of light, sunrise
8AarushFirst Ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant
9AyanThe pathway to the Sun
10AyanshFirst ray of light, Parts of Parents, God’s gift

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11ArunLord Sun
12AadvanLord Sun
14AaditPeak, lord of the sun
15AayanshThe first ray of light, the Gift of God
16BhaskarLord Sun
17BhanuSun, virtuous, light
18ChakraWheel, a symbol of the sun
19DivanshuSun, ray of light
20DivyanshPart of the gods/part, part of the divine light
21DivyanshuLord Sun, light
22DipeshGod of lights
23DivyeshLord Sun
24DivakarLord Sun
25DeepeshGod of lights
26DinkarLord Sun, a plant
27DipanshuLord Sun, light, ray of light
28IvaanRuler, sun, decent
29JeevanLife, Soul
30JaideepLight, victory of light
31MihirLord Sun
32RavindraLord of the sun, the sun god
33RavishWish, love, Lord sun
34RaveeshWish, love, Lord sun
35Ravi KiranLord Sun, sunray
36Ravi KishanDusky, Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Sun
37RavneetMorality is like the sun, the sun
38ReyanshThe first ray of the sun, part of Lord Vishnu
39Roshanlight, bright, illuminating, brilliant
40SuryaLord Sun
41TejeshwarLord Sun
42TejasBrilliance, shine, the sharp edge of the knife, self brilliance, fire
43TapanHeat, Lord sun
44TapasAusterity, enthusiasm, heat, another name for fire
46VivanSunray, Lord Krishna
47Vishwadeepthe light source in the world
48ViraajMost significant in the universe, The Sun or the King
49SuryanarayanAnother name for Lord Sun
50YagyeshLord Vishnu, Lord sun
51YashwinLord Krishna, The Raising of Sun

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