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Vegetable Name List English And Hindi

Cabbage – पत्ता गोभी The scientific name of Cabbage is Brassica Oleracea. Its shape can be round and slightly elongated. It is available in purple (red cabbage), dark green, or light green. It grows like a flower in a short and strong stalk. It can be eaten as a salad and cooked as a vegetable. […]

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Insects Name List English And Hindi

Mosquito – मच्छर Housefly – मक्खी Ant -चींटी Millipede – गिजाई Cockroach – तिलचट्टा Termite – दीमक Spider-मकड़ी Grasshoppers-टिड्डा Cater Piller-इल्ली Earthworm-केंचुआ Honey Bee-मधुमक्खी Wasp-ततैया Tick-किलनी Beetle-मोगरी Bed Bug-खटमल Cricket-झींगुर Centipede-कनखजूरा Snail-घोंघा Firefly-जुगनू Lice-जूँ Flea-पिस्सू Butterfly-तितली Praying Mantis-बद्धहस्त कीट Locust-टिड्डी Flying Ant-उड़ने वाली चींटी Bumblebee-भँवरा Ladybug-सोनपंखी Scorpion-बिच्छू

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All Flowers Name Hindi and English

Rose English:- Rose Flower Hindi:- गुलाब पुष्प Scientific Name:- Rosa Family:- Rosaceae Star Flower English:- Star Flower Hindi:- – तारक पुष्प Scientific Name:-Trientalis borealis Family:- Primroses Poppy English:- Poppy Flower Hindi:- पोस्ता या खसखस Scientific Name:- Papaver Lotus English:- Lotus Flower Hindi:- कमल पुष्प Lotus scientific name:- Nelumbo nucifera Family:- Nelumbonaceae Sunflower English:- Sunflower Hindi:- […]

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Cute & Modern Baby Boy Names Start With A in Hindu

Names are the most important thing that we have to give our child and hence, it is necessary for us to pick a perfect name for our baby. In this post, we have compiled a list of more than 150 cute and unique baby boy names start with A in Hindu and their meanings. All […]

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